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When does the quest for a perfect and risk-free World become unsatisfactory?  At what point will continuous encroaching government control reach a tipping point?


Political Mistakes

One Big Ass Mistake America

Tax Mandate Countermeasures: Gearing up for a fight

I plan to be one of the last to buy health insurance under the mandate, if at all.  How can this  Health Care Law survive, let alone function, with over half the country seriously opposed or skeptical?

Legislative Change

First,  there is plenty of time between now and 2014 for legislative action.  Tweaking of the law can work both ways, the mandate can be changed or tossed.    There will be plenty of opportunity for change…and let’s not for get all the hidden taxes they planted in it.

Exceptions and Exemptions

Second, the law contains exemptions for religious and other reasons, all of which are still not clear. What is clear, they (the authors, the democrats) don’t want to make it easy to get a religious exception as it states that religious organizations have to be established before 1950.

Weak  Penalties

Third, the penalties are still cheap and sustainable for the first few years.   My reading suggests the IRS may be unable to enforce the collection of the penalty as it is currently written, albeit they may be able to withhold your refund.  It’s way to early to pinpoint countermeasures for this tax as this whole thing can change fast administratively as opposed to legislatively.   More detail on this later.

Time will tell.  Don’t count on a repeal, but hope for some kind of metamorphosis.  More clear countermeasures will appear and I hope to report them as soon as possible.

Penalty exceptions can be read here: